About Us

We at TRAVANKORE have founded this company on the strength of a strong passion towards the traditional arts of Kerala. This online marketplace enables Artisans, Artists and Craftsmen of Kerala to sell their creations thereby letting the magic of their hands flow to all the corners of the world. We hope to bring to you more than just a shopping experience.


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One –of -a –kind works of art which are unique and handpicked from the master craftsmen of Kerala.


Masterpieces of Kerala  art made by skilled, creative minded and talented artisans of Kerala.


Art and craft products of Kerala made from materials of nature ranging from wood, bamboo, coconut, metal, grass etc resulting in truly unique pieces of creation.                      


The famous Aranmula kannadi  is made  by traditional craftsmen from the village of Aranmula in Kerala. This metal mirror is a unique object which holds a GI tag and its creation is a closely guarded family secret. As against regular mercury coated glass mirrors where the reflection takes place at the rear surface after refraction, the Aranmula metal mirror does not undergo any refraction as it reflects the image from the front.  A mirror to the height of 45cm is among the collection in the British museum in London. This handmade metal-alloy mirror is considered as one among the eight auspicious items (Ashtamangalyam) in Kerala.


Nettur petti is an exquisite jewellery box which goes back centuries to a period when women of the royal families stored their jewels in these boxes. This box is fashioned out of rosewood with brass work on the exterior. The ornamental work on the exterior resembles the temple architecture of Kerala.


Bellmetal craft is an age old industrial art of Kerala. Bell metal is a careful blend of tin and copper used to make various articles ranging from religious artefacts to domestic utensils. We are privileged to be associated with PRM Laxshmana Iyer associates who have been in the field for more than a 100 years and who also hold a track record of creating some of the historical landmarks of creations in Bronze like the largest church bell in India, largest bronze utensil in the world, largest bronze lamp in Asia etc.


Coconut shell is one among the hardest materials used for carving. It is one of the most popular crafts in Kerala. Coconut shell even along with its husk which is thought of as throw away material, have been transformed into pieces of beauty by skilled hands. A high level of skill is required for coconut carving.


Bamboo is rightly known as the“Green Gold”of Kerala. The history of the bamboo industry can be traced back to the 14th century. Artisans and craftsmen have successfully been able to create pieces of art, right from a simple pen to lamp shades and so on.


Ramacham (Vetiver) is well known for its aroma, cooling and medicinal properties.Ramacham has been handcrafted into various products like hand held fans, caps, hats, car seat backs and even yoga mats.


Kerala has been known for generations for its rich and detailed architectural wood carvings. This has inspired skilful craftsmen to skilfully carve out pieces of beauty from a variety of tropical woods namely teak, cedar and rosewood.