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Mural Painting on Canvas - Rasaleela

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Mural Art
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Mural generally applies to paintings on a wall or permanent structure.

Some of Kerala's earliest murals can be dated back to the 8th Century. It is said that wall paintings in Kerala began with the prehistoric rock painting in the Anjanad Valley of Idukki district. Similiar rock engravings, dating back to the Mesolithic Period, have also been found in the Edakal caves in Wayanad and Perumkadavilla in Thiruvananthapuram district. Kerala State stands second to Rajasthan in having the largest collection of Archeologically important mural sites. Temples, Palaces and Churches are all examples of them.

It is also said that the roots of Kerala murals can be linked to the more ancient Dravidian Art form "Kalamezhuthu", which involved filling of coloured powders inside an outline of sketched design.

Today, this art form is also depicted in Acrylic on Canvas.

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